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​Happiness is horseback riding at the Circle J Ranch!

Welcome to Circle J Ranch. Established by John and Grace Simpson in 1961. Liz and Grace work at the Ranch every day to make sure horses, students and boarders are well looked after. Fun is the name of the game while learning and being safe are a constant. Come and see what we mean!

Greg ​​Nickalos

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For Day Camp brochures and our waiver please see the Services page!

Dear Customers,

Lessons will now be paid based on 4 lessons monthly (one per week). The fifth day of the month will not hold regular lessons. Students may miss one lesson per month with 24hr notice; otherwise missed lessons will be forfeited.


Make-up lessons will be held on the 30th of each month for the remainder of 2015. Make-up lessons will not be the same as regular lessons as there may be more or less students and the students will be of different skill levels. If you have any question please contact Liz!

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